Who is Tennyson?

Who am I? I write a series of fiction stories surrounding the adventures of Victoir and Sam. Who are they? Well one is a spy the other a thief. They tried to go to dinner and well stuff happens…

I started writing when I was a wee little one. Actually, I was storyboarding before I wrote.  I’d draw these intricate battle scenes with high tech sci-fi Battlestar Galatica influences. When I got older I started writing stories about the main character in these battles. I still have the original story written on legal pad paper in pen, its old yellowing and crumbling but all the originals are there.  Well fast forward many years later and I’m writing proposals, reports, fiction, sometimes they are one in the same. You know how that is. I did some copywriting, a newsletter and now I’m just writing for fun. I write stories in horror, romance, and action adventure. I also write on Protagonize.com a collaborative writing site.


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