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April 8, 2013

Victoria and the Birthday Gift – Part 6

She estimated it would take two or three minutes for the flame from the torch to ignite the canister. She located a place she could get to that provided as much cover from the blast as possible. With the butane canister and torch in place she crept back towards the men. They were in their same positions and she heard Wilkins calling on the radio. She went back, ignited the torch, and positioned the flame directly at the canister. She sneaked towards the men, fired several shots in their direction then ran back to her hiding place.

        The resulting blast was much more than she had imagined. Several things happened at once. The remaining men moved in her direction looking for her. They were about half way when the canister exploded sending up a huge fireball and concussive wave that shattered the glass in all the display cases and setting a number of things on fire. The men were stunned and tossed back by the blast to land hard against the counters and floor. The flames reached her position and singed her hair. Men and women screamed in fright and then the automatic sprinklers came on drowning out the flames and screams. She jumped to her feet and gathered the men’s guns then hustled them back towards the center.

        Several hours later the police had taken her statement and they let her go. The men were in custody and she went back home.

        When she walked through the door Sam saw her clothes were burnt and ripped and her hair was a mess. She rushed over and started asking what happened when Victoria handed her the gift. It was burnt, crushed and wet but the box protected the watch inside.

        Sam took the gift then opened it.

        “It’s beautiful,” she said looking at the watch. Then she read the card and a confused look crossed her face then she asked, “Baby, whose birthday is it?”