Victoria and the Birthday Gift Part 1

Victoria and the Birthday Gift

A Short Story

Part 1

Victoria woke with a start. She studied the room and listened for any sounds from within the house. Everything was quiet. She heard Sam’s soft breathing next to her and felt her weight on her arm. Suddenly, she remembered why she woke so early. Today is Sam’s birthday and she hadn’t gotten a gift.

The realization woke her fully and she knew she had to get a gift before the day was out. She carefully slid her arm from under Sam then stalked around their bedroom and found her pants and got dressed. She grabbed her money and gently closed the door behind her.

The cool morning air of the English countryside smelled wonderful. She got in her car and was about to start it when she realized the sound might wake Samantha. She put the car in neutral, got out and pushed it back down the driveway. When she reached the road she looked down to see her boots were now muddy from the rain the previous evening. She cursed under her breath as she drove off.

Sometime later she arrived at Harvey Nichols, a well-known department store in London, and only when she got out of the car did she realize she forgot her phone and gun. She cursed under her breath.

The store was already open and had a few customers browsing and shopping. She had one thing on her mind and that was to find the perfect gift for Sam. What that would be was not yet known. She wanted to get something that was uniquely Samantha and yet something practical. She went to each department and nothing interested her. Around noon she figured Sam would know she had left and she knew she should hurry to get back. She at last went the jewelry counter and found a beautiful sport wrist watch for her. She thought this would be the perfect gift because Samantha had mentioned she wanted to get a new watch. In addition to being stylish and fashionable enough for Sam’s tastes the watch also had several interesting functions including an internal compass.

The clerk took the watch and placed it inside a decorative box. Victoria slid her credit card through the reader and paid for the gift.

“Thank-” the woman’s words were cut off as the lights flickered and then went off.


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