Writing and Story Development

Trying to reset my internal clock I decided to go to sleep early. 10 PM. Woke up at 1 and feeling awake. That’s so weird. Well I guess I’ll do more editing. The characters are really developing nicely. Sam is interesting in that she’s a free spirit and likes to live in the moment while Victoria is a planner and has strategies and
contingencies. She thinks several moves ahead. I think they complement each other very well in this way. Sam keeps everything fresh and moving while Victoria keeps them on the right track. In one scene in chapter 3 they escape via an alley way and Sam says to her, “Oh it’s cozy in here. Fancy a shag?” To which Victoria ask, ” Are you like this all the time? Horny or hungry.” Sam: “Oh that reminds me I’m starving.”

With little effort the banter between them is pretty light but the relationship is intense. Victoria who has walled herself away from much of the world finds herself at odds with opening up to Sam but whatever she does to stop her Sam has a way of breaking through.

The world view of the book is gallows humor. We’re dealing with people whose job is to trade in secrets and often life or death situations. I decided that all these pressures would either cause one to burn out, nut up or for those who survive, have a twisted sense of humor.

Two other characters along the way are Vanessa Rogers who is a demolition expert. She’s kind and well mannered with most people unless she knows them. Her and Victoria have worked together on several missions and Van has no problem letting loose around her, to which she swears like a sailor and does so in a scene when she’s stuck in traffic driving Sam and Victoria to the airport.

The second character is JD Sanders I’ve not decided on what JD stands for but there’s a lot of room for doing something funny with it. Maybe his parents named him Jack Daniels. JD’s a college student with a background in computer science and decided to take a break to figure out what he wants to do with his life after he decided that he was gay. Sam learns that while says that he is, he’s never actually been with anybody. Vanessa takes this as a challenge to set the boy straight. Vanessa is very direct and there are some funny scenes where he’s running away from her with Sam and Victoria and side commentary.

In their first scene together they meet JD ( they don’t know he’s gay at this point) and rescue him from some bad guys determined to beat him to a pulp. They go out drinking and get really hammered. The next morning Victoria wakes up naked with JD’s arm around her. Well all hell breaks loose and Sam has a laughing fit over the whole thing.

In my next post I’ll talk more about the relationship between Victoria and her family which, without giving away too much is pretty messed up and twisted.


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